Practical information

Communication with parents
Interteach believes it is important that parents are involved with the learning process of their children. To register your child, parents are invited for a personal interview at which we explain the Interteach concept. Four times a year we discuss the child’s progress with each parent, preferably with the child present. These meetings can be held at the school but also at home or via our digital communication platform. Parents are at all times allowed to inspect the child’s progress via our pupil monitoring system.

School hours and holidays
Interteach follows the holidays as are customary in the country concerned. Interteach does offer the possibility for pupils to attend lessons during the holiday period, after consultation with the parent(s). Interteach also offers parents the possibility to go on holiday during the school year while their child(ren) continue(s) to attend lessons.

Social and physical safety
We all want children to enjoy going to school every day! This will only be possible if they feel accepted, safe and confident. We have an active safety policy with regard to social and physical safety. We also run an anti-bullying protocol that stipulates that we do not accept bullying and also how we respond to bullying. We believe it is important that children have an open attitude to differences and that everyone learns to treat each other with respect. And it is equally important that children learn to handle and stand up for themselves. To enable us to monitor and encourage children’s social emotional development, we use the method known as ‘Zien’.


Privacy Regulations
Interteach complies with the local privacy legislation of the country concerned.

Complaints Regulations
Interteach operates its own complaints procedure as set out in the General Terms and Conditions.

Since Interteach provides high quality education, school inspectors are more than welcome to visit us to convince themselves.